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About Streetkings

Streetkings Street Football, a sublabel of Streetkings Global, is an organization of street football players who came together to give people one main platform to watch the best street football players perform, make use of our services and follow our activities. We provide demonstrations, clinics, events, photoshoots, masterclasses and...

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Streetkings is a dynamic organization that through football creates an important platform for people not only to watch, but also to learn from the best street football players in the world. We provide demonstrations, clinics, events, masterclasses, tournaments and much more. Everything associated to streetsports and streetculture is possible if you choose to work with Streetkings, all options can be tailored to your needs. 

Football brings people together and therefore we draw attention for your targeted audience in our unique way by promoting an image, reputation or a product. Football and Street Football have always been used as excellent tools to enhance brand awareness. With us it is done directly by the founders of street football and the best Streetkings in the world! 

Founders and best players in the world
Anyone who knows a little bit about street football, sees Edward van Gils as one of the pioneers of street football. Due to its popularity Streetkings is capable of attracting attention of a large group of followers. In addition, we committed the biggest names and best street football players like Issy " Hitman " Hamdaoui, Lenny Macnack, Orry Stoc and many more top street footbal players to the organization. Because of his personality, courage and charisma " Edje " is worldwide the advertisement for street football in all forms. 

Streetkings means business 
Edward van Gils founded Streetkings and is one of the first internationally well-known street footballers in the world who works with Coca Cola, EA Sports, MTV and many more very large multinationals. He also had a leading role in several Nike campaigns worldwide and has participated in commercials with football stars like Ronaldinho, Ruud van Nistelrooy and many other great professional football players. His status in the world of street football is legendary, he is seen as one of the pioneers of street football as we know it nowadays, not only in the Netherlands but also abroad. Over the years he has won almost every tournament and he was part of the legendary Dutch generation street footballers who have become known worldwide. Because of his status and abilities, EA Sports approached him for the motion capture of the popular video game Fifa Street. They also used his face in the game and now he has his own character in the new Fifa Street game and you can choose Streetkings as your team!  

Street culture: more than just football 
Streetfootball is more than a just a sport, it’s a culture. The culture is passed on through the leaders of the culture and the people that live by the culture codes. The famous players that are involved in our organization are the guardians of this culture. They don’t follow, they lead. Therefore Streetkings is more than just an organization built around streetfootball. Instead of only focussing on products, services and activities we are trying to give people a platform that fulfils the needs of everyone within the culture. We offer the full package, because we know what their needs are! 

Streetkings Football, however, is not solely based around Edward van Gils, there are a number of other very famous street footballers that are involved in the organization. These players have the skills, knowledge and expertise needed to deliver the best result in every demonstration, clinic, tournament and any other event or product that Streetkings Football has to offer. 

Their experience in the world of streetfootball is similar to Edward’s status. This team of highly respected role models is one the unique selling points of Streetkings Football. The organization is a platform for streetfootball players by streetfootball players.X

Win a clinic from Edje on April 16th on TV-program Utopia!

On April 16, 2014 Edward van Gils will give a street soccer workshop for 20 children. The event starts at 14:00 and lasts until 16:30 hours. The clinic will take about one hour and a half and is completed with a delicious pancake. Sign up at by the contactform on their website with the subject Football Clinic. First come, first served!

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