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About Streetkings

Streetkings Street Football, a sublabel of Streetkings Global, is an organization of street football players who came together to give people one main platform to watch the best street football players perform, make use of our services and follow our activities. We provide demonstrations, clinics, events, photoshoots, masterclasses and...

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Streetkings team plays ESPN Tiger Streetfootball tournament!

Tuesday, 06 march 2012 12:02

Wednesday March 7th the Streetkings team will fly to Thailand to play the first round of the Tiger Streetfootball tournament. The tournament is being held by ESPN/Tiger Beer and takes place in five different countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Vietnam. It’s officially the biggest streetfootball tournament in the world and the finals will be in September. The Streetkings team was invited to represent the Netherlands.

The Streetkings team is leaded by captain and streetlegend Edward van Gils. The other players that were selected to join the team are Ismael ‘Issy Hitman’ Hamdaoui, Orville ‘Orry’ Stoc, Lenny Macnack, Surinam Pinto and goalkeeper Pascal Doest. The first round will be played on Saturday and is broadcasted live by ESPN.

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 and theStreetkings facebook to stay updated on the latest news about the team!

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