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About Streetkings

Streetkings Street Football, a sublabel of Streetkings Global, is an organization of street football players who came together to give people one main platform to watch the best street football players perform, make use of our services and follow our activities. We provide demonstrations, clinics, events, photoshoots, masterclasses and...

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Streetkings Clinics At "De Nederlandsche Bank" in Amsterdam

Monday, 04 july 2011 11:34
Streetkings Clinics At "De Nederlandsche Bank" in Amsterdam
On Tuesday the 28th of June Streetkings was invited by the Nederlandsche Bank (de national bank of Holland) in Amsterdam to give a clinics to their employees. Street legends Edward van Gils and Lenny Macnack went to the bank around three and showed everyone what it takes to become a Streetking.

Before the crowd and all the contestants entered the room, Edje showed his talents to the ones who were there by shooting the ball in the basket from a far distance. When everyone finally arrived Lenny and Edward gave a short introduction and then started the clinic.

After the introduction the Streetkings showed the employees all kinds of tricks and then a little 2vs2 competition started in which Lenny and Edward showed off their skills by giving almost everyone a couple of panna’s. When this ‘warming-up’ was done the contestants got the chance to practice a couple of tricks on their own.

When the clinic was done the contestants started the official DNB tournament. The winner of the 3 vs 3 tournament are the champions of The Nederlandsche Bank futsal Cup for a year. The “Devil Dogs” won the championship and Edward handed them the cup.

The Streetkings were surprised that the level of the contestants was that high and the contestants were very pleased with the clinic we gave them. So maybe in the future there will be more DNB related clinics/events.

Check out the pictures here! 

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