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About Streetkings

Streetkings Street Football, a sublabel of Streetkings Global, is an organization of street football players who came together to give people one main platform to watch the best street football players perform, make use of our services and follow our activities. We provide demonstrations, clinics, events, photoshoots, masterclasses and...

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Freestyle World Championship - march 2011

Tuesday, 08 february 2011 11:41
Freestyle World Championship - march 2011
ABU DHABI - On March 4 & 5 2011 in Abu Dhabi, UAE there will be a Battle Royal called “The Samsung MotG Freestyle World Championships 2011?. 16 Freestylers will battle it out for the title and €5000 in cash and prizes. We need your help in selecting the 16 freestylers. Who do you think deserves a chance at this great opportunity.The Voting is official open. You can CLICK HERE for more details and to place your vote.

issy hitman and me giving streetsoccer clinics and demo's @ the samsung freestyle world championships
yall can have freestyle we own streetsoccer so bow dow lmao!!
i got my fav. freestyler but i aint sayion nothing lol
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