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About Streetkings

Streetkings Street Football, a sublabel of Streetkings Global, is an organization of street football players who came together to give people one main platform to watch the best street football players perform, make use of our services and follow our activities. We provide demonstrations, clinics, events, photoshoots, masterclasses and...

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FIFA Street Press Release Event

Monday, 19 march 2012 04:45

Last Thursday Streetkings Global organized the press release party of FIFA Street. According to EA Sports the release party was an success. During the event several Dutch press played an 2vs2 tournament. After a exciting final between Power Unlimited and Inside Gamer it was Inside Gamer who scored the most goals. Their prize is a football trip to a game they wish.

During the FIFA Street press release Edje van Gils and Nelson Kok played in a showcase against several Dutch press how Streetsoccer should be played. After the showcase Streetkings Edje van Gils and Issy Hitman alsof played against Pelota Events which also are involved in the newest FIFA Street.

Hereby Streetkings Global would like to thank all contestants, EA Sports and other relevant parties who participated during the FIFA Street press release event.

More information about FIFA Street? Click here and get your version of FIFA Street in your local store!

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